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The Top 6 Core Exercises for Swimmers

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The importance of core strength for fast swimming has become more mainstream over the past couple decades.

Where at one point swimmers would be given a couple sets of crunches after practice, now they are prescribed core workouts that are designed to help improve all aspects of performance in the pool, from building a better underwater dolphin kick, a faster flip turn, and even a more explosive start.

Although doing an endless number of crunches might make you look good in the mirror, do they give you the strong posture necessary to power through the water?


Instead, when doing core exercises for swimmers the objectives go beyond having that vaunted six-pack that is typical of the swimmer’s body:

  • A strong core gives you a powerful platform from which you can pull, push and kick through the water.

  • Helps you keep your body properly aligned in the water–your core helps you keep your hips high, reducing drag and making you more efficient.

  • Doing core exercises will assist in keeping your technique together, whether you are going at a full-blast sprint, or are on the tail end of a long pace set.

Here are 6 beginner-friendly core exercises for faster swimming that will give you a rock-solid midsection while also giving you more power and stability in the water–

1. The Plank.

Simple looking in nature, this is probably the best all-around measure for core strength.

The variations with which you can perform this exercise are nearly limitless. You can employ numerous different fitness aids to mix it up, including but not limited to – TRX straps, Bosu ball, and swiss balls.

For our purposes, we are going to stick to the old-school, straight plank.

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