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Best Practice For Dry Land Training

Dryland Swimming

The current situation is unprecedented and challenges us to find ways to keep our members active and training whilst respecting government guidance around social distancing etc.

One clear opportunity is to undertake online delivery of activity from the coach to the athlete(s) either via live connection, recorded content or social media interaction.

The following guidance sets out how a coach delivering on behalf of a club can deliver online / virtual training and ensure that they are operating within Swim England parameters and the club is covered by their Swim England insurance policy for this activity.

Level of coach

Coaches should only deliver activity for which they are trained. In all of the instances below, coaches should apply good coaching practice. They should risk assessing the activity, ensuring that it is appropriate for the developmental stage of participants and also take into account the fact that they will not be in close proximity to the athletes or directly supervising them in the same way as a face-to-face environment. Adjustments should be made accordingly.

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