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How Can I Spike Harder?

Power requires precision. And getting more power behind your spikes takes precision in everything you do, from approach to take-off to swing to your mentality. And the great part is, so many of these things can be done right at home, with or without a full volleyball court

Key Steps to More Powerful Spikes

Swing Away

You can only reach your full potential by going for it, which means swing your arm as fast as you can. Accuracy will come the more you practice and the older you get, but there is no substitute for giving it your all. You can practice this by just hitting a ball off a wall or floor as hard as you can. Accuracy isn't as important in such situations, but it allows you to see just how fast you can swing.

Create Torque

Your body will need to create huge amounts of torque to deliver power to the ball, and timing is important. In the air, you'll need to open your body, and as you swing hard, close off with as much power as you can. "Open the door, slam the door".

Use the Wall to Your Advantage

If you have a net in the backyard, great, you can make outstanding use of it in all sorts of drills. But if you don't have a net available, you can still develop the timing, rhythm, and power to become a more powerful hitter. Find a wall, likely outside, that you can hit into. Don't just fire away at eye level, create a mark at 7'4" or 8'0" to help you visualize hitting over the net. And remember to snap that wrist!

Vary Your Shots

While developing power without over-emphasizing accuracy right away is important, it is also important to work on delivering power in all directions. So practice hitting powerful cut shots, line shots, and all parts of the court.

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