Home Workout with Jaime Espinal - Wrestling Silver Medallist Stays Active With His Family.

#Stayactive is not easy but it is fun!

About Jaime

What inspired you to become an ARM at the YOG?

I was already sharing the lessons I had learned in my career in Puerto Rico with people in schools, churches and sometimes in companies, encouraging them to always fight for their goals. I thought the role of an ARM was a great opportunity for me to take this sharing experience to another level. The chance to be surrounded by elite athletes, aspiring to stand on the Olympic podium as I did, was impossible to ignore.

How much did you know about the YOG before you applied for the role?

I was aware of the YOG Nanjing 2014 and was impressed by the idea, because it is such a great opportunity for young athletes to compete at this level so early in their career. I had to wait until I was an adult before I went to the Olympic Games, but this new generation can now begin their own Olympic journey when they are teenagers.

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