The Compassion Project: What Am I Good At?

Watch – Discuss – Act

Learning compassion increases students’ own sense of wellbeing and improves the learning environment for all learners. By teaching kindness, empathy, and compassion we are setting students up for long term success in every aspect of life.


In this video, we learned that compassion is when you SEE someone in need, CARE about their feelings, and DO something to show you care. 

  • Who in this story needed compassion? 
  • Why do you think they needed it? 
  • What did David do when he saw that Tye needed compassion? 
  • If you had a friend that was upset like Tye, what would you do to show them compassion? Can you think of a time when you helped someone in need? How did you show them compassion?

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Grade Level: 2-4 
Subject Fit: ELA
Total Lessons: 15 standalone lessons, approximately 20 minutes each
Standards Alignment: Common Core State Standards (CCSS); CASEL SEL framework

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About the Compassion Project

With so much emphasis placed on improvements in math and science, skills like compassion often receive less classroom time. This unintended trade-off may be short-sighted, as compassion is an important social-emotional skill that begins to develop in early childhood and is essential for lifelong health and success. The Compassion Project curriculum is the first comprehensive, no-cost program designed to help educators facilitate lessons around fundamental SEL skills.

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