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Tips for Assistant Coaches

Courtesy of Positive Coaching Alliance

As an assistant coach, you bring great value to both the head coach and the players. You can help players feel valued by providing individual attention. You also can support the head coach by suggesting new ideas and perspectives.

Be United

Always be on the same page with your head coach in front of the team. If you disagree with something he or she said, wait until you can speak privately. This protects team morale and prevents confusion among your players. 

Understand Your Role

Being an assistant coach is more than standing around or acting as the equipment manager. Ask the head coach for clarification about your responsibilities. Knowing your role will empower you as a coach and allow the team to see you as a leader.

Be Proactive

  • Taking on additional tasks can improve your coaching experience. Offer suggestions to the head coach about ways to increase your responsibilities like leading warm-ups, demonstrating sports skills, or providing individual feedback to players. In this way, players have the benefit of having two caring and attentive coaches during practice.

Build Relationships

Get to know your players. Ask them about their day, aspirations, and goals. This lets your players know you care and helps them feel both physically and emotionally safe.

Be a Student of the Game

Next season you may be the head coach. Use the time now to learn strategies that will benefit you when you are leading your own team.