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Resources for Addressing Bullying, Intentional Inclusion & Mental Wellness

Courtesy of Positive Coaching Alliance

"82% of parents turn to the school as the first place to seek resources and help if their child is bullied or accused of bullying." - The 2022 Choose Kindness Project Survey, conducted by Ipsos

Why trust these resources?

Teachers, counselors, and school leaders told The Choose Kindness Project about their experiences supporting students at the intersection of bullying prevention, intentional inclusion, and mental wellness.

The Choose Kindness Project worked with Extra Yard for Teachers and members of the Choose Kindness Alliance to curate best-in-class resources that respond to the needs they described.

In other words, everything in this toolkit is responsive to needs shared by educators just like you.

Understanding the landscape

Bullying negatively impacts students’ mental health and school performance.

"Over 1 in 3 teens report they have been bullied in the past year, but that number is significantly higher for some groups. Nearly 33% of parents do not feel they have the resources to deal with bullying issues." - 2022 Choose Kindness Project Survey, conducted by Ipsos

See resources on these topics:

  • Understand Bullying

  • Preventing Bullying

  • Responding to Bullying

  • Mental Wellness

  • Cyberbullying