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New to Hockey?

New to hockey guide

Have a child starting hockey?

Congratulations! Hockey is a fun, unique game that has provided some of the world’s most memorable sports moments (“Do you believe in miracles?!”). While trying a new sport can be a bit scary for all involved, we know once you get started you and your child are going to love the thrill of the ice!

Once confined to mostly cold northern climates, hockey has seen an explosion of popularity all over America in recent years. In fact, participation has tripled in the last 30 years. And for a good reason! It’s considered the fastest sport, promising a thrill for all who play and watch.

But hockey can be a new experience for many, especially for those without a background in the sport. However, with a little more understanding of how the game is played, gear needed, and key terms, you’ll fit in at any rink. This guide has all the information you and your child need to join America’s fastest team sport.

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