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New to Dance Guide


Have a child starting dance?

Congratulations! Dance is a fun, unique sport that has a place
for everyone. Dance promotes many benefits for kids. Including coordination, listening skills, increased agility and flexibility, not to mention improved balance and spatial awareness.

Humans have been dancing for tens of thousands of years. However, we only have physical evidence dating back to India, around 9000 years ago. Today, many western dance styles were created during the European Renaissance. Travel and immigration to the Americas brought many of these styles to the United States. Additionally, influences from Asia, Africa, and the Oceania have continued to help evolve dance styles practiced here in the United States.

Regardless of your past experience with competitive or recreational dance, you and your family can find a home at any studio. This guide will provide an introduction to how the sport works, the gear needed, and learning key terms. This guide has all the information you and your child need to join one of America’s favorite youth sports.

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