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How To Keep Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is a great reason to try new foods, splurge on dessert, and eat out more often than usual. But all of these additional indulgences can be hard to reconcile with New Year’s resolutions or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few simple ways to work healthier habits into your next trip while still having fun and enjoying dessert, of course!

The World Is Your Gym

Doing a few easy exercises or stretches in your hotel room is a great way to start the day. Your body will thank you for being active, especially if you’ve been sitting a lot while traveling. If you’re tight on space, you don’t need to bring much to get some good stretching or calorie-burning in. Pack a yoga mat, light weights, and resistance bands if you have room. To stay inspired, create a Pinterest board of exercises that target the areas you’re looking to work out, such as lower back stretches if you get sore sitting in the car. There are lots of no- and little-equipment workouts that you can do from anywhere!

Explore Your Destination

Walking is always more fun when you have a new place to explore. Research and map out an interesting walking route (self-guided city tours are a great place to start) in your destination. New sights and sounds will make getting your steps in a breeze. Bonus points if you plan the route to reward yourself with a fun stop at the end, like a picturesque view, coffee shop, or store you want to check out.

Hiking in a new area is a great way to get more steps in, and also get outdoors and out of the city. Apps like AllTrails have many hikes for different levels worldwide and pictures so you can plan for optimal views. Another option is to check out a guidebook or hiking book about your destination from the library. It’s sure to have many ideas for different parks, trails, and outdoor areas to get active.

Road Trip Like a Pro

If you’re driving to your destination, make the journey part of the fun! Instead of stopping at whatever you see first along the highway, plan stops ahead of time near interesting towns or sites. If you have extra time, the family will be motivated to get out and explore instead of jumping right back in the car. To burn off extra energy, lead the family in a few stretches or jumping jacks, take a quick walk, race to a specific point, or run around a playground.

Stock Up Snacks

The impulse to survive on fast food and gas station snacks can be strong while traveling. If you’re trying to make a few healthier choices along the way, bringing some of your snacks is a good idea. If you always have some favorite healthy snacks, you may find it easier to stay full and avoid getting hangry, which can result in impulsive choices, just like grocery shopping while hungry!

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