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6 Wrestling Drills You Can Do From Home Without A Mat Or Partner



To get better at wrestling, you have to drill movements over and over until they become second nature so when you are on the mat competing, you aren’t thinking what to do you are just reacting with good technique. Wrestling is unique in that you practice and compete on a mat which most people don’t have at home, but what do you do if you are at home and want to work on your wrestling skills and don’t have access to a wrestling mat or even a training partner? Well, there are ways to train and get better even if you are home alone. Here are six wrestling drills you can do from home without a wrestling mat or a partner.


Standing up from the bottom is a very important skill that any wrestler needs to have. You do not need a mat and definitely do not need a partner to practice stand-ups. You can do these in your living room, garage, or even your bedroom. To drill stand-ups at home, you do not need to do them fast, in fact drilling moves slow with perfect technique is a better way to learn moves than doing them fast and with sloppy technique. Then, when you have the technique down, you will be able to speed the drill up and still maintain great form.

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