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Volleyball dad is natural born webmaster

Central Jersey Volleyball Academy screenshot

Central Jersey Volleyball Academy's Rich Boretz adds personal touches to standout site

Webmaster of the Week: April 25-May 1

Rich Boretz

Central Jersey Volleyball Academy


Branded Mobile, Registration, Sitebuilder

Boretz has programming and project management experience, an interest in new technologies and three kids active in sports. Yes, his path to webmaster is well-traveled one. Boretz played baseball and lacrosse while growing up in Merrick, New York, and attending nearby John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore. He graduated from the University of Arizona and has settled just west of Newark in Westfield, New Jersey. He previously had volunteered to do website work for the youth softball association his daughters’ played in before switching over to volleyball as the Central Jersey Volleyball Academy webmaster last fall. The CJVA is based out of Flemington and Summit and has 27 girls teams and five boys teams totaling about 650 athletes.

“What I tried to focus on was making (the site) user friendly by allowing people get to where they needed to go as easily as possible,” Boretz said. To that end, he used the Call to Action page element as a navigation tool on most on of the site’s main landing pages. “I use my phone a lot,” Boretz said about his web surfing habits. “When those action buttons come up, I’m able to get my big fingers on them.” Boretz follows the vision of club director Kym Mottem for much of the site’s design and content structure, but has plenty of freedom in adding his touches throughout the site. On the Document Library page he used the Text Block page element to create custom links complete with PDF images. On the Registrations page, he added anchors in the schedule text that allow viewers to jump to the registration for that particular session. He also loaded custom register buttons on the page in the text block’s source code. Boretz uses the Mirrors page element generously, posting identical registration information in multiple areas on the site. 

Boretz helped organize the CJVA Staff Bios page, posting bios for most of the academy’s 47 staff members, adding photos wherever possible.

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