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Six Tips for Volleyball Moms and Dads

In club, it may be at the discretion of the parent, family and coach whether an athlete can continue to train despite a failing grade. Encourage your children to keep their grades up and set standards to meet during their season.

If you have an athlete who plays both club and school volleyball, you know that the two seasons can be very different. Here are six ways to encourage your athlete during both seasons so they get the most out of their sport year-round.

“Athletes at the school level really want to do well. There is a sense of pride to represent and do well for your school.” – Mike Lussier, freshman volleyball coach, Verrado High School and Club Director at AZ Epic.

Encourage school pride

School volleyball is a fantastic way to encourage local and community pride in your athlete. Your child’s school likely has a mascot, school colors and a variety of sports and extracurricular activities they can participate in and support during the year. Children represent not only their school but their community as a whole. 

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