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AES element serves up latest rankings & schedules


Widget solves a nagging problem for admins like Austin Performance Volleyball's Erin and Mark Herrin

When AES – provider of the top volleyball competition and event software in the game – joined with Sport Ngin last fall, the announcement came with clear benefits for clubs like Austin Performance Volleyball.

Based out of the Lone Star State's capital city, the 49-team Austin Performance Volleyball (APV) serves close to 500 young athletes (ages 10-18) with a mission of creating "strong, self-reliant and dedicated individuals" through the lessons of "teamwork, self-sacrifice and commitment."

Like so many organizations in the sport, they count on AES software for tournament registration and coordination, in addition to sharing schedules, results, and power rankings.

And also like so many organizations in the sport, they’ve partnered with Sport Ngin to help simplify the host of administrative challenges all youth volleyball clubs face.

Austin Performance Volleyball administrators were burning valuable time re-entering info from AES (such as power rankings, schedules, results, etc.) into Sport Ngin for display on their website. Now, with the AES element, it all gets updated automatically.


"Since joining the Sport Ngin community, we've been able to effectively organize many areas of our club," says APV Registrar and Tournament Director Emily Herrin. 

That includes simplified online player sign-ups with Sport Ngin Registration and a professionally designed website that uses the built-for-sports Sitebuilder content management system to empower just about any volunteer to create, update, and edit content without coding experience.

There was just one problem.

In the days before AES and Sport Ngin teamed up, busy club administrators needed to burn valuable time manually entering all the information from AES into Sport Ngin if they wanted it to display on their website.

And since Emily's husband, Mark Herrin, happens to be APV's webmaster, the problem hit particularly close to home. Add to that his coaching duties for the club's top 16U team, a full-time job, and helping his wife wrangle a perpetually on-the-move toddler at home, and you had a man with very little extra time to burn in the first place.

Adding the AES element to your volleyball club's SportsEngine website is incredibly easy…


Sport Ngin’s new AES element now pulls in key information from AES tournament sites automatically.

Volleyball clubs on Sport Ngin can simply plug in their AES Team & Club ID, choose what to display (Club Rank, Club Schedule, Team Rank, and Team Schedule), and then drag-and-drop that info wherever it’s needed on the page.

"So it reduces the amount of time it would take somebody to take all that information from one system and port it over to another," says AES co-founder and Sport Ngin's Director of Volleyball, Brad Preston. "Now you can flip it on a switch and beef up those web pages with data from within AES. It has really helped Sport Ngin members."

Sport Ngin members like Emily and Mark.

"Now we can use the time saved (manually inputting data) to do what we love: coach volleyball," says Emily. "That's what it's all about."

Now you can flip it on a switch and beef up those web pages with data from within AES. It has really helped Sport Ngin members."

Locate your AES Club ID & Team ID

You will need the AES Club ID & Team ID before you can add the AES element to your website. Both are needed to retrieve the data from AES. If you don't have your AES ID information, you can contact Customer Service and they'll retrieve it for you.

Add New Page Element, Select AES Element

Making sure you're logged in and in edit mode on your desired page, click on 'Add Page Element', then select the AES element.

Create Title & Select Widget Type

Select from Club Rank, Club Schedule, Team Rank, or Team Schedule. Don't forget to add a title in the field above. 

Enter AES Club and/or Team ID

Without it, your Sport Ngin website won't be able to "talk" to your AES site. 

Create Page Element

Click on 'Create This Page Element' to add your AES widget to the page.

Key info from AES, automatically updated on your website

Add the AES element to your volleyball club's website to part ways with tedious (and time consuming) data entry while keeping your members and followers up-to-date on schedules, results, and rankings.

See it in action on APV's website.

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