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Top Hacks to Keep Kids Playing (at Home)



We can all agree on the fact that we all love watching our kids play the game they love. With the current events affecting our everyday lives as well as their sports activities, we are all looking for ideas to keep the kids busy at home. While the games may be paused, it doesn't mean their training has to stop. Bring the sport into your home with these hacks, and keep earning for your team when you shop at your favorite stores. 

Hockey Training 

The warm weather is here and it's the perfect time to transform your garage into a hockey rink with synthetic ice tiles, slide boards, fishing nets, off-ice training pucks, and wooden sticks. It's also the best moment to train to improve stickhandling, shooting, and passing. 

Baseball Training 

Baseball lovers, know that it is a sport that requires tons of drills to improve their performance on the field. Turn your backyard into a training field and gear up with training gloves, balls, and nets for the house and practice all day your catching drills, fielding drills, and more!   

Soccer Training 

The great thing about soccer is that not much is needed to practice at home. With just a yard, a soccer ball, some cones and a net you'll be set to create your own in house field. Cone dribbling, one-touch shooting and rollover dribbles are awesome ways to get the game going while staying at home. 

Basketball Training 

Same with basketball, you don't need to break the house to help the kids practice their dribbling and shooting game. With only a ball and a hoop set, there are plenty of ways to have fun together and improve their skills. Practice who can dribble the longest, play Simon sats with dribble instructions, play knockout with the family, and many more. 

And for the downtime... 

Extra time at home is a great occasion to be together and to develop new hobbies. Introduce your kids to a new sport, put some music and have a dance party altogether, watch movies on Disney+, have fun with family video games, stay away from electronics with board games or teach them out to paint. The possibilities are endless and you can make it all happen with everything you need on FlipGive.

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