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Taking Your Dollars Further with FlipGive



While many aspects of our lives have been placed on hold during this uncertain time, now more than ever, we want to ensure we’re doing our best to help families make their dollars go further.

At FlipGive, it’s our goal to help families make the most of their everyday spending to ultimately fund activities they love - whether that be a sport, school program or community effort. We help families focus on the game and fund their season by eliminating the rigors of fundraising. Rather than selling things you may not want or need, earn money when you buy the things you do - like groceries, equipment and gas. Use the money you raise to fund registration, equipment and more. Learn more about how we work here

With that in mind, we wanted to share how to make the most out of FlipGive to raise funds for your team and be as ready as you can be when activities resume.

1) Groceries and essentials

FlipGive fits perfectly in your everyday habits - with a number of different grocery, restaurant and gas partners, earn back on all the essentials you need and fund your activities all at once. Brands like Walgreens, Target, Amazon, Exxon Mobil, Rite Aid and more are helping us on our mission to get more money back into the pockets of families, especially right now.

2) Keeping kids active at home

We can all agree on the fact that we enjoy watching our kids play the game they love. With the current events affecting our everyday lives as well as sport activities, we are all looking for ideas to keep our kids busy at home. While the games may be paused, it doesn't mean their training has to stop. We’ve partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Baseball Monkey and Hockey Shot to help your family earn money as they look at home training and conditioning.

3) Entertainment and activities

Extra time at home is a great occasion to be together and develop new hobbies. Maybe you’re introducing your kids to a new sport or activity, putting some music on and having a dance party all together, watching movies, or playing board games. The possibilities are endless and you can find what you need from brands like Barnes & Noble, Disney+, Nintendo and more.

Our goal is to support parents, volunteers, and kids with the activities they love by helping them access the funds they need. To date, over $25MM has been put back into communities across North America. Learn more about our mission and how you can raise money from your family spending for the things you care about here.

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