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"Social Distancing" Allows Athletes to Prepare


Our sports world is not immune to current COVID-19 culture as professional, amateur, recreational and youth sports are on hiatus, leaving a massive gap in lives and communities.

What can sports teach us during this current state without games, practices, training, etc?
This youth sports hiatus can be a tremendous time of personal preparation.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.

Although we see him as a larger-than-life heroic figure, that statement really meant something to him especially earlier in his career. He lost eight elections, opened and lost two businesses and had a nervous breakdown. All the while, he believed those things were merely “preparation” for when his time came

While this train of thought doesn’t exactly speak directly to the “social distancing”, cancellations and uncertainty of COVID-19, it DOES encourage people to take this time simply to “prepare” for whenever their time comes.

During this temporary off-season of sorts, Positive Coaching Alliance encourages athletes’ coaches and parents to spend time mastering fundamentals, doing skills/drills stuff in their homes, focus on health/strength/flexibility and nutrition and rest, etc. Studying and creating a positive mindset during this challenging period can prove to be tremendously valuable in the young athletes’ development.

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