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Help Your Child Develop a Solid Performance Mindset

What are the things that can improve and grow in their game? Try to get a bit better each day at those.

One of the areas that is discussed a lot, but parents often don’t really know what to do with, is the process of developing a solid performance mindset for our young athletes. How to handle the stress and pressure that can come with competing.

But, before I get into this one I have to confess that while I am a performance psychologist who is lucky enough to work with MLS, NWSL and National Team players all the way down to youth club players, I am also a soccer parent.

I have a now 15 year old who is playing for a DA team and an 11 year old who plays club soccer. I have been THERE – in your shoes – on the ride home after a bad game. We’ve all been there.

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