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The Relationship Between Coach and Parent


As you can see, the relationship between a coach and a parent is vital. There is more than just wins, losses, and playing time when it comes to the parent-coach relationship. 

From the beginning of sports, coaches and parents have had a love-hate relationship. There are parents who are too involved and scrutinize everything the coaching staff does, and there are parents who are not involved at all and drop their kids off for practice and games. Some parents and coaches communicate well with each other; while others try their best to be civil. The relationship between coach and parent involves so much more than just wins, losses, or playing time, and this relationship needs to be a partnership for the sake of the child.

Athletics do a great job of pulling people together, just like families. Teams rally together to accomplish a common goal, and families rally around the victories and defeats that come with competition. Through this sense of community, coaches and players can develop lifelong relationships. However, this type of cohesion can be inhibited by a parent who provides a toxic environment around the team. The relationship between a coach and a parent requires: communication, trust, and alignment with the coach.

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