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Tips for Lacrosse Parents


Life is full of challenges, and playing a sport allows us the ability to strive, fail and strive again. If we don't ever face disappointment or failure as a child in a safe environment like sports, we will never be prepared for adversity later in life.

Goals, aspirations and physical abilities change over time.

If we approach youth sports as a vehicle for reinforcing good life lessons, and give kids great coaches to teach them the game and those life lessons, we will prepare the kids not just for high level lacrosse, but for high level life.

This is designed to be a resource for parents who are interested in being involved with their child's development in lacrosse.

This statement is strictly the opinion of the Geronimo leadership, gained from over 100 years of youth lacrosse coaching experience, decades of parenting, and years of walking that tough line between parent and coach. 

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