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At-Home Solo Lacrosse Drills



Don’t have a partner? It doesn’t matter. These drills can all be done solo, in your backyard or otherwise!

Wall Ball

We’ll start with the obvious one. Everybody knows you can hit the wall solo, so get out there and do it! In this video, we have our own Coach Kylor Berkman lay out a great wall ball routine for players of all ages and skill levels.


This drill is done with cones and a net. Don’t have those? Don’t worry! Get creative with it. Grab a few large items from home: soccer balls, sweatshirts, or frisbees; anything that will be big enough and bright enough to see on the ground will do. A fence also makes a great cage. Just tape off your shooting area and you’re ready to go. The most important thing here is to create a game-like scenario for your shots. Use your imagination to pretend those cones (or other items) are defenders and get after it.

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