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Keeping Your Kids Busy When You’re Stuck at Home


If you’re on the hunt for high-impact activities that will keep kids learning, growing, and developing while at home, check out the list below. We’ve rounded up 12 ideas to keep kids of all ages occupied and engaged.

Toddlers and preschoolers

If your toddler is used to going to preschool or daycare, an unexpected day off might have them craving the structure and instruction they get every day. You don’t need to replicate their school day to keep them busy and happy — instead, try the activities below to keep them occupied before and after nap time.

Cook something
Most toddlers love playing in the kitchen. When you’re home all day, you’ll definitely have meals to prepare. Instead of trying to keep your toddler busy while you cook, invite them into the kitchen and enjoy collaborating with them on your next meal or snack.

With plastic or silicone bowls and utensils, they can help do things like:

  • wash fruits and vegetables
  • mix dry and wet ingredients together
  • scoop or stir ingredients
  • mash soft ingredients, like bananas
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