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How To 'Wind Down' After Hockey Games

Hockey Team with Coach

Time in a part of the equation here, so, understanding that we need to act quickly and get out of the mindset that we can wait until we get home.

Why We Need To Wind Down

You have to understand that our bodies undergo a wide series of internal changes in order to support the demands of a hockey game. First, due to your activity level, your heart rate and breathing rate will be extremely elevated in comparison to what it is during a rested state.

Second, you’re going to have a much higher rate of blood flow and blood content within the muscles that were worked. Third, you’re going to have a high concentration of by-products associated with fatigue within your muscle cells such as lactate and H+. Fourth, you’re going to still be psychologically aroused, which causes an array of neurotransmitter and hormonal shifts within your body.

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