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Hockey Drills for a Power-Play Practice


A slight modification to this drill allows the defense to shoot it from the point with the other player going to the net for a screen, tip and rebound.

A hockey practice that focuses on the power play is not to be confused with a practice where you play power play versus penalty kill for the entire practice. 

There are lots of drills that focus on skill sets that can be used while leading up to a power play scrimmage. Some of the key points of emphasis on the power play are puck possession, timing, shot selection, moving away from the puck, quick puck movement and hitting the net.

Many of these are very simple and can be thrown into that category of "the little things" that coaches love to preach.

Here are four drills that you can use to lead up to a scrimmage, each one has specific focus and works on a skill that can be beneficial to a power play.

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