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Gymnasts and Cheerleaders: Getting Over Fear

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You have to master each progression before moving on to the next one. Progressions also lead to muscle memory. Muscle memory is good.

Fear is a tricky subject all trackers, free runners, gymnasts or any athlete has to face.

My name is Raven McCarthy from The Colony, Texas. I do Freerunning, coaching, music and run a parkour team in Dallas. I was a gymnast for nine years and a freerunner for five.

Within those fourteen years I’ve seen and done a lot of things that aren’t really about skill but just a state of mind. As a coach I’ve developed a system for fear that I even use for myself.

I go the mental route. I go step by step in order to let myself do a new trick on the floor that I learned on a tumble track. One of the first things I do is accept the fact that it’s either scary or really hard, and after you accept that fact it won’t seem so scary anymore. 

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