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Why I Prefer Inside Zone

If you are able to double team the majority of defensive linemen this ensures that you will not have many negative plays.

There are many great run schemes that you can build your offense around. I have chosen the Inside Zone because it’s easy to teach, it’s highly versatile and it can create easy double teams on the line of scrimmage.

One of the key advantages of the Inside Zone is how easy it is to teach. While there are ways to make it more complicated, at the heart of the scheme it is very simple.

Essentially the linemen are just looking at the playside gap. If there is a defender in their playside gap they will block him. If there isn’t a defender in their playside gap they will double team the defender in their backside gap until someone shows up in their gap.

The result is a scheme that is easy to teach and allows the players to master the techniques instead of the rules.

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